Job Market Paper Abstract

Prior literature established the link between a person aging out of a parent’s insurance coverage at age nineteen and a significant decrease in insurance coverage of those nineteen year old young adults. 

Using the regression discontinuity framework, this paper furthers that research by establishing that although there was no change in the total income received by the medical care providers treating young adults who have aged-out of their parent’s insurance, there was a significant

change in the amounts received from various sources that comprise the total payment. 

I examine the impact of the change in the provider’s payments by source on the providers’ behavior (supply-side) and on the patients’ perception of the providers’ behavior (demand-side), using a 14 year sample of unmarried young adults from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS). 

I find that although there is a statistically significant change in the sources of the total payments received by medical care providers from patients crossing the age of nineteen threshold, medical care providers do not change their actual treatment decisions. However, the patients do perceive a statistically significant negative change in the behavior of their medical care providers.

Research Fields


  • Health Economics 
  • Applied Econometrics


  • Labor Economics
  • Microfinance
  • Public Policy

Working Papers

  1. Eremionkhale, A. “ Impact of the Change in Payments on the Actual and Perceived Behaviors of Medical Care Providers ”.  Job Market Paper.
  2. Eremionkhale, A.,  and Watkins,  T., “The Effect of the Global Financial Crisis on the Cost Structure and Double Bottom Line Goal of Microfinance Institutions”.  Submitted.

Work in Progress

  1. Eremionkhale, A., and Chou, S. “Negative Externality of Regional Antimicrobial Use”.
  2. Eremionkhale, A. “Impact of the Price of Physician Visit on the Volume of Prescribed Medicine - A Focus on antibiotics”.
  3. Eremionkhale, A. “Employment Effects of Increase in Minimum Wage: Evidence from Nigeria”.
  4. Eremionkhale, A. “Pricing in a market with Electronic and Traditional Commerce”.

Research Experience

Research Assistant, 

Lehigh University,

Department of Economics:  

Summer 2018, Spring 2017, Summer 2016, Summer 2015

Research Assistant, 

University at Buffalo - SUNY,

Department of Economics:  

Spring 2014, Fall 2013